Wednesday 2 December 2015


I was there in the first twenty-four hours. I was there on the last day. I was there like an irregular heartbeat, sounding out different times of day, from morning to night, in the civilised hours and the times I wasn't entirely sure had either names or numbers.

I was there.

And that is something I am glad to be able to say and that I will be able to look back on.

I performed at Sanctum five times in all, each time was a different experience in terms of ambience and audience and, as promised, the stories I chose. It was an unexpected and wonderful experience, whether it was five people in the rain or five times that many in clear darkness or crisp autumnshine, whether it was attended by friends, family or just complete strangers, all there to sample the unique place and experience of Sanctum.

Twenty-four days, twenty-four hours a day, there was always a performance — whether music, poetry or storytelling — but never a published schedule.

Looking back, here's some photos and my set list...

Late morning, on Friday 30th October, I read out "Lost Love's Labours", "A Higher Calling", "Ashes to Ashes" and "Authenticity".

First thing in the morning, on Saturday 7th November, I read out "Wrecked", "Two Weeks in Spain" and "Hilary Is the Winters of Keith's Discontent".

For the slot just before midnight, on Sunday 8th November, I went for a ghost story and a fairy tale, reading out "Promises You Can Keep" and "The Woodcutter's Stepdaughter".

In the evening of Saturday 14th November, I opted for a near-future SF theme, reading out "AutoKnowMe", "Ragdolls" and "S3xD0ll". And that was the end of my solo reading slots.

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But I was back on the morning of Saturday 21st November as the last reader of North Bristol Writers, reading "The Same Team".

And that was it. I was there.