Friday 14 September 2012

Flash Fiction: I Think I Get It

"I think I get it," she said, twenty-first century tweenage eyes making sense of the twentieth-century icon. She raised it with both hands, the unexpected weight surprisingly reassuring, the plastic casing non-descript but solid, comforting. Lifting the handset, fascination smiled across her face. The tangled umbilical cord held spirals within spirals, untamed knots forcing the coil. She moved and removed her finger from the dial, releasing a steady, calming unwind. "But... how do you text?"

"I Think I Get It" was first published with Paragraph Planet. More background here.


Jack Holt said...

Ha! I'm not that old myself, but some of the kids I teach would be just like this!

Aaron said...

This had me smiling. "How do you text?" indeed. Very nice job.